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As a renter, you have the luxury of choosing a place that meets your needs at the moment.​ Buying a home is a much bigger commitment, both in terms of finances and the length of time you’ll likely live there. When seeking out your first place – whether a house, condominium or even if you want to look at available waterfront apartments – it’s important to do your homework and look for a flat fee real estate broker.

Here are 5 things to consider as you begin the process of purchasing your first place or even if you are looking to buy luxury homes.

1. The growth possibilities. Shop for a place that meets your current spaces needs, but also consider one that can adjust to a changing household.Untitled-2 A five-year plan may not pan out as you expect, so think about possible life changes that could impact your need for bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage.

2. What’s under the hood. Your first place may not come with many frills or luxury features – but all the basics should be in good condition such as the commercial wiring. Thoroughly inspect prospective properties. And before any purchase is made, hiring a professional inspector is a must. Your real estate agent can guide you through this key step. Learn more by inspecting your roof. Make sure you contact a roofing contractor, so you know if you need a roofing repair or roofing replacement when you move in, be sure to get the best roofing contractor like the roofing contractors fort lauderdale for this kind of job. If during inspection pests are found you have to hire a pest control services company immediately.

3. Know that no home will be perfect. Your first home may likely not be the perfect place. But make it the right one. Finding the right home is often a matter of prioritizing. Make a list of “must haves,” along with “nice to haves” and “not necessary to haves.” A three-car garage is nice, but would you rather have a larger kitchen or live in a good neighborhood? You should also make sure you do a home inspection with properly trained and experienced experts that can identify any issues you will be inheriting by purchasing or renting the property. Have them search everywhere, and carefully. To provide an example, an experienced professional with the right electrical training would look at all the wiring in the house. Having to resolve any issues in this regard could result in potentially expensive repairs, or it could result in damaged devices if left alone.

Only you can measure the importance of the amenities you are looking for such as if you need rv storage then the big car garage would be nice. You can always build a garage if the house does not have one; go to Midwest Garage Builders journey for more information.

4. Consider ALL the costs of ownership. When you buy a home​, you take on recurring costs you don’t have to worry about as a renter. Look for a home that meets your budget in terms of full living costs – mortgage, utilities, trash pick-up, sewage fees, homeowner’s association dues, home insurance such as Bear River Home Insurance and other fees. Your lender doesn’t take into account these costs when approving your home loan. A good real estate agent can help you calculate estimated monthly costs to determine the most appropriate price range for you.

5. The lifespan of things. In addition to identifying cosmetic and structural flaws before you buy, know what to expect from the home’s components. How long until you need to replace the roof or do roof repair, appliances,  ac units or carpet? What about if you need a furnace tune-up or furnace repair and need to contact a company such as Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.? Everything may be in working order now, but all homes need to learn more about these types of repairs at some point especially HVAC repairs which you can solve with the help of Researching the expected remaining life on large-ticket items can help you plan for the future. Check out Abraham AC and Heating Services, inc to know more about HVAC systems. For any air conditioning needs contact a professional company such as AirMAX Heating & Air. For furnace repair and maintenance options visit Nance Services

When you’re ready to start the process of buying a home as well as buying one of those lakefront properties for sale, Tatyana will be ready to help.

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Tatyana Ladd-Thomas is Lithuanian born graduate of Vilnius University Law School where she successfully practiced law, and created a widely read European Fashion Magazine.  In the United States, since becoming a citizen, Tatyana has been a Commercial and Mortgage Lender at Bank of America, a licensed Financial Advisor, and the founder of The Georgia Commerce Club. The Owner of marketing agency Mike’s Ad Shop. Hard-hearted Capitalist. Roman Catholic.

Favorite Quotation: ”Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel

Favorite food: anything with white chocolate.

Favorite wine: Madame Fleur Rosé.

If you go into her closets looking for skeletons, all you will find are shoes.

As a Realtor at RE/MAX Around Atlanta she brings her marketing and networking skills and some European Style and Fashion to help her clients find their perfect lifestyle. 

Her Real Estate team is multilingual. 

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