If you are an addict for ‘As-Seen-On-TV’ infomercials and HSN shopping gadgetry, this series is for you.

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The Dilemma: We needed to move two large cabinets filled with china and crystal.  We did not want to take hours carefully unloading, stacking, breaking down, and rebuilding these decorative furniture pieces just to find out we preferred them in their original locations.

The Solution: EZMOVES.  The solution that is shown on TV that can move a car across carpet by one man with just a little set-up.  We found ours for just $10.00 in the local Home Depot. People can check out this website for the best carpet cleaning company.

We started with our Dining Nook that became overcrowded with one too many decorative storage furnishings. This little area was never meant for such formality so we decided to move the Crystal Cocktail Wine Sidebar to another location and change the china cabinet to the alternate wall.

The carpet and wood-floor-safe pads are simple set up and cleaning also can be really easy with carpet cleaning wilmington nc.

The strong lever bar with adjusting wheel fulcrum was a little awkward at first and finding somewhere safe to place it on the furniture without snapping their bases was slightly stressful.

Once the pads were in place moving the cabinets, full with hundreds of pounds of dining sets, was absurdly easy. It hovered smoothly into place with not one broken item including my back.


The Review:  This $10 solution saved us hours of time.  Originally I was going to rate this only 3 Bulls due to the difficulty and safety of using the lever.  Though I realize that we may have used this product for extremely heavy and fragile furnishings that may be at the ultimate spectrum of safety.  We would not recommend using it the way we did without two or more helpers for safety.  For moving any other solidly built furniture with strong base areas we give this product 4 out of 5 bulls!

Damon Ladd-Thomas (36 Posts)