“You got to work it, girl.”–Ru Paul

My oatmeal is hot, so I let it cool. My bed is warm, it awaits me. Outside, somewhere, a street alcoholic has lost fingers in this recent cold. There but for the Grace of God could have been I.

When I am in a place of gratitude, I am in a place of happiness. When I am in a place of jealousy, when I want what the other guy, or girl, has, I am miserable.

I need new reading glasses, and I am not sure how to proceed. Should I buy them at the dollar store, where they are most affordable, or would those glasses hurt my eyes? I suppose that I could call my eye doctor, or look it up on Google.

Where would I be without Google? How did I ever survive before it, and the internet came along. How, as a writer, did I make it with just a typewriter, and paper? What’s next? Will we, one day, be able to look at a screen, and think directly onto it?


I forget who turned my onto pianist Martha Argerich; but I give that person great thanks. Martha Argerich interests me, and arouses me. Her piano playing is intelligent, and intense. I want to make love to her! Stupid yes, to say such; I guess it would make me some sort of piano groupie. Martha Argerich’s playing is that good, though, that it arouses my emotions, it wakes up my day, it makes me feel alive. You can listen to Margaret at www.grooveshark.com, and she has a number of cd’s for sale.

Tune in and turn onto Martha, and you will become a piano groupie, too!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martha_Argerich

I saunter into the kitchen to suck down some banana bread with butter laid out on it. Morisson, the dog, and Kobain, the cat, follow me in there. Kobain looks up at me expectantly; Morisson is kind of morose, has the begging look of a Buddhist Monk on his long face. Neither one of them gets a nibble, this time. They have to know that every time that I walk in the kitchen is not a time for them to get something to eat.


Sghetti Head Press Release

Hey everyone, thats right! The Acorns are suiting up, and taking the stage, at The Highland Inn’s Highland Ballroom on Jan 20th! We will hit the stage at 9:30. This is a FULL BAND show! We are going to BRING IT! New songs, the old favs! Lets try to get everyone out and make this a CRAZY night!!

(I did an open mike night in East Atlanta at My Mother’s Room, months ago, tagging along, basically, with Trixie Stage Fright, and this guy named Sghetti Head played some songs. He was edgy, and it would be interesting to see him with a full band._


K Pics Above: Left: Who are these girls, and what are they doing in The Daily K?  Find out in the next issue of The Daily K.  Middle: Sghetti Head Coming at You!!!   Right:  Martha Argerich: what a brilliant woman!


I opened a can of sardines, this afternoon, and my cat, Kobain, got very excited. He climbed up on my desk, where I was eating, and I gave him a little hunk of fish. He smelled it. He clawed it. And then he put it in his mouth, and ran off with it. Soon, he was back wanting more. Kobain will, also, eat veggie burger, but neither of the cats, he or Jaggar, will touch kernels of corn, veggie burger, and kernal corn being what I am having for lunch, right now.

Find a Vegetarian Girlfriend. Click here, it’s Free! The find a girlfriend adds run rampant on Facebook. There is one that asks if you would like a rich girlfriend. Hell, yes!! Sign me up. Take my credit card number.


I’m going to clean out The Turtles’ tank, and then vacuum the floor; then I might half ass clean The Bathroom. I’m such a housewife. Something that I am amazed about is that I am, now, a person who is constantly caught up on his laundry. I used to lag way behind, the basket overflowing, but, somehow, I have gotten in the flow of things, and, now, always have clean underwear, and socks, when I need them. Do you remember when Neil Young sang, “A man needs a maid?”

I was thinking that
maybe I’d get a maid
Find a place nearby
for her to stay.
Just someone
to keep my house clean,
Fix my meals and go away.

A maid. A man needs a maid.
A maid.

–Neil Young

Mikel K needs a maid. A maid.


K Poems

And I Wonder Why Love Eludes Me

I want to punish her,
though she has done no wrong.
I want to kiss her,
though I have dismissed her.
I want to hold her hand,
though I have banished her
to a far away foreign land.
I want her to run to me,
though I have run from her.
I want her to turn to me,
though I have turned away from her,
and I wonder why love eludes me.



And So We Fell In Love

And so we fell in love.
And now we fall out of
Is this the only love
I will ever know?
I am just a pained beast
With tears in my eyes
Screaming out at what
I don’t know.



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