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Chef David Pan Wins Flavor Award

Posted by on Sep 28, 2016

Chef David Pan earned the Flavor Award at the Wharf Uncorked Food & Wine Festival in Orange Beach. As this chef’s style is traditional French cooking for current times, his winning dish was a Boeuf Bourguignon with Roasted Garlic Pomme Purée. Held in mid-September, the three day event combines tastings of delicious food and tantalizing wines, live entertainment, a pinch of southern flare and a dash of Gulf Coast hospitality. “As flavor is the most important part of cuisine, it is quite an honor to win this particular award,” said Chef David Pan of Orange Beach Concierge. “Additionally, as sponsors for the entire festival, it is exciting to know that over $15,000 was raised for Make a Wish Alabama.” Chef David Pan’s specialty is French methods while remaining focused on the latest trends and techniques in the industry. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Mendota Heights, Chef Pan began his career at the 3 Diamond rated WA Frost in St. Paul under Chef Russell Kline. He expanded his culinary experience working with noted chefs at elite establishments that included the Minneapolis...

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Health & Fitness

Current Nutritional Labelling is Difficult to Follow

Posted by on Apr 7, 2016

If you’re like most shoppers, then chances are, a trip to the grocery is usually unplanned, quick, and sometimes, not very fruitful when it comes to making healthy choices. Much of the blame can be attributed to current nutrition labelling which is ineffective, according to a study by McGill University. The study, published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, found that other labelling systems are more efficient. Researchers compared four different systems, finding that the one most frequently used in the US and Canada is the least useful for buyers.  This system lists percentages of the daily value of specific nutrients. Although the labels do provide exhaustive information, they can be confusing and can be difficult to compare in terms of nutritional value to similar products. Another system called NuVal, which indicates the overall nutritional value of products with a single score between 1-100, is used in some products in the US and Canada. Researchers found this system to be much easier to follow, since it does away with the need to ascertain the health values of foods...

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Southern Rock Spectacular in Atlanta

Posted by on Jul 7, 2016

On  Saturday The Sundogs will hold their second  Southern Rock Spectacular at Smith’s Olde Bar. Joining them are  The Higher Choir featuring the Bearded Messiah Chance Walls and guitar slinging pal Grant Mitchell. The evening will start with the lovely and talented Andrea Colburn Band.  This night will feature rock n roll bands with swagger and attitude for fun on a hot summer night. Get advance tickets and save! You can even get a VIP table for you and your friends. Doors at 8, Andrea starts at 9. Get advance tickets here! “Part of what makes the Sundogs’ music so enjoyable is how they work as one. By sharing time on lead, embracing backing vocals and switching instruments the band creates a cohesive sound that is built around jangly guitars and catchy melodies.” -Chris Martin, Atlanta Examiner For more information about the Sundogs, visit...

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BS Tests

Gigantic Watermelon Slicer Tested

Posted by on Jul 3, 2015

BS TESTS has been awfully quiet until this most recent injustice awakened the Bull into a snarling mess of disappointment. This is a Watermelon Slicer that was purchased at Sam’s Club last summer and was never used until recently.  Currently it is not available and hopefully that will save you from making the mistake of throwing away ten plus dollars. First, the instructions suggest cutting both ends of the melon.  I guess without the old watermelon cutting knife that seem to work just fine, step one would not be possible.  This may also require a cutting board and lots of paper towels.  The flatter the end cut, we have learned the better it works.   Step 2: Place it on its circular juice catching tray, which oddly has a whole in the center so that the maximum amount of sticky juice squirts through it, onto your counter top. Step 3: Press the blades on top of the cut melon and push with as much force as you can humanly muster.  This may not be enough.  I can assure you this is...

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Recent Posts

Jackson Hole Brings the Dining to the Table

Jackson Hole Brings the Dining to the Table

Jun 30, 2016

When starting this feature, I was writing a travel piece on everything that Jackson Hole has to offer. What I found was a culinary experience worth its own showcase. The restaurants in this list are only a sampling of the various dining that Jackson Hole brings to the table. Stop into Street Food at the Stagecoach for great eats on the way to the Village or coming off the pass. Husband and wife team Marcos Hernandez and Amelia Hatchard met while working at the Four Seasons before venturing out on their own with this global cantina. While the regular burger is grilled to perfection, the lamb burger should definitely be tried as all of the ingredients really complement each other. The overall menu has a lot of varied options, but be sure and check out the daily specials on the board for things like the highly popular Chipotle Cream Shrimp Quesadillas as well. While the unassuming dining room is off the bar in the Stagecoach, there is an enjoyable outside dining area with plenty of room to relax while the kids run around. **In the Know: The Habanero Hot Sauce is made and bottled in the restaurant ready to sell. If you’re looking for down-home cooking, take a step into Café Genevieve. While the Southern-inspired cuisine wins acolades all by itself, it’s also a charming place as the restaurant is housed in a historic log cabin listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Focusing its food and cocktails by the season, this cafe is open daily and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you’re lucky when you come in for brunch, you might see the Crabcake Benedict on the menu but if not, Fried Chicken and Waffles are always a perfect go to item. If you are passionate about the origin of your food, know that Cafe Genevieve sources it products from local ranchers and farmers to ensure sustainable ingredients. In the summer enjoy Cafe Genevieve’s bustling, sunny patio with excellent people watching and dogs welcome.**In the Know: Pig Candy, a thick applewood smoked bacon, coated with a blend of sugars and spices and baked low-and-slow, is available for sale on the website. Using fresh seasonal ingredients, E.leaven Food Company offers appealing meals made from scratch. In addition to serving breakfast all day...

Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre Set to Re-Open in Buckhead

Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre Set to Re-Open in Buckhead

Jun 29, 2016

The Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre will be relocated in the winter by the former owner to inside Tower Walk shopping center at 3365 Piedmont Road N.E. The centrally located space with plenty of parking will have a brand new kitchen providing dinner and desserts as well as an increased seating capacity of 350. Additionally, all new systems will be installed from HVAC to state of the art sound and lights making customers feel more comfortable to enjoy their experience. “Before closing due to a building buy out, the initial Improv in Atlanta had turned into a regional entertainment draw with guest traveling from nearby states for our comedy shows,” said owner Stephen de Haan. “With the close proximity to hotels and shopping, we felt that Tower Walk was a perfect spot in the middle of Buckhead to continue to appeal to both local and out-of-town guests.” Founded by Budd Friedman in New York in 1963, The Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre has remained the premiere stage for live comedy. Started in Atlanta in 2012, the Improv has always brought the biggest and best comedians to town while supporting and growing local comedy. Some of the past headliners have included Chris D’Elia, George Wallace, Kevin Nealon, Marlon Wayans, Jo Koy, Norm Macdonald and TJ Miller, to name a few. As with the previous establishment, the new location will feature national touring comics with at least five shows each week. Open Mic will be again held on Wednesdays with comedy shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings with special one night appearances monthly. More information can be found...

EcoPax Introduces Easier, Less Expensive and Greener Way to Move

EcoPax Introduces Easier, Less Expensive and Greener Way to Move

Jun 27, 2016

Ecopax was recently formed in an effort to preserve one of Earth’s most valuable natural resources by helping to eliminate cardboard waste and effectively change how Americans move. Designed to maximize storage and greatly minimize packing time, EcoPax simplifies the moving experience by conveniently delivering sustainable crushproof and waterproof green boxes made from 100% recycled durable plastic materials that stack and roll on a custom dolly. Saving up to 40% in the total cost of a move, EcoPax has discovered a much smarter, easier, and greener way to transition to a new home or office. “With the ever increasing presence of the cardboard box, something needed to be done to curb its use in our daily lives,” said EcoPax founder Courtney Friedman. “We have way too many cardboard boxes that unfortunately end up in landfills in many cases. EcoPax creates a better moving solution by removing some of the major stresses and eliminating the wasteful use of cardboard.” Friedman, an outdoor enthusiast and owner of Low Country Laundry & Dry Cleaners, was searching for a sustainable approach to a cardboard box waste issue that he was noticing in his laundry and dry cleaning business. The EcoPax process makes moving easier and more efficient by using large recycled plastic boxes with folding lids that lock shut and better protect the items inside. Servicing all of Charleston County and parts of Dorchester and Berkeley counties with free delivery and pick up, EcoPax provides pricing packages based on the size of the home or office.  Additionally, EcoPax will be donating a percentage of sales to Charleston County Parks and Recreation, South Carolina State Parks and the National Park Service. EcoPax’s goal is to help customers save money by offering a dramatically easier way to pack and move while simultaneously cutting down on the 6 million tons of cardboard waste that ends up in landfills each year. More information about EcoPax can be found...