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The Benefits of Life Long Healthy Eating

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016

We all know that we should eat five portions of fruits and vegetables every day, and that eating an apple is better for your waistline than reaching for another cheeseburger. But the health benefits and ramifications of healthy eating are much more wide reaching than simply the effect on weight and BMI: eating a healthy and balanced diet in the long term can mean that you live longer and that you are healthier, more energized, and happier. Fight of Illness Eating an unhealthy and fat rich diet can be a huge risk factor in leading to chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. All of these illnesses can be life shortening, and they all have devastating and uncomfortable side effects too.  If you miss out on too much of the protein, vitamins and minerals that your body needs, your muscle mass will decrease as your fat stores increase, meaning that your body won’t have the strength that it needs to fight off common illnesses. A recent study conducted by researchers in China on a huge target group of 6,000 women...

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Health & Fitness

Foundational Aspects of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Workshop Series in Atlanta

Posted by on Jan 30, 2015

Join Jennifer Smith Yoga for a breakthrough, 4-part yoga workshop experience at Atlanta Hot Yoga… -Use the strength of your legs effectively -Harness the power of Bandhas -Learn and Perfect Transitions from Asana to Asana in Practice -Protect Your Shoulders and Back during Practice In this 4-part series of workshops you will master the basics of practice through the exploration of various key foundational aspects of alignment, from transitions (namaskar, vinyasa), standing asana, strength builders, forward folds and backbends. Each segment builds on its predecessor, and within Jennifer encourages and guides students to delve deeply through foundational aspects of practice which inevitably lead to meaningful and lasting transformation, on and off the mat. -Workshops 1 & 2 emphasize breath, band has, surya namaskar, and standing asanas. -Workshop 3: Features teachings on seated asanas, including forward folds, twists and strength builders. -Workshop 4: You will be led toward the bliss and artful grasp of inversions and backbends. For best results, we recommend students take part in all workshops, however, this is not a requirement. Homework is assigned. Each session is suitable for ALL...

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Poi Dog Pondering, Set to Release New Album

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015

Tour dates below, including three nights at Chicago’s Vic Theater! Team Clermont Legendary, Genre-Bending Band, Poi Dog Pondering, Set to Release Everybody’s Got A Star, September 18th! Poi Dog Pondering “All Saints Ascension” (Cleared to Post) SoundCloud – Download “Impossible to categorize, the joyful music of Poi Dog Pondering is truly transcendent.” –CHICAGO TRIBUNE “Poi Dog has sometimes gotten a bad rap from critics looking to have their hip card punched….The musical communication between these players and the newer members springs from the pure joy of playing together”. – MICHAEL CORCORAN “The Poi Dog sound happens because of the real and deep connection between the players, which shows in how they listen to one another in performance. The fact that most of them have been doing just that for two decades only increases the power of community they bring to the stage.” – NO DEPRESSION 30 years on, 15 band members deep & an Ocean in-between; Poi Dog Pondering continue to thrive & evolve on their 8th full length album entitled Everybody’s Got A Star. Their unique signature ‘Acous-tronic’ blend of orchestral, rock and dance music influences, shine through with PDP’s...

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Gigantic Watermelon Slicer Tested

Posted by on Jul 3, 2015

BS TESTS has been awfully quiet until this most recent injustice awakened the Bull into a snarling mess of disappointment. This is a Watermelon Slicer that was purchased at Sam’s Club last summer and was never used until recently.  Currently it is not available and hopefully that will save you from making the mistake of throwing away ten plus dollars. First, the instructions suggest cutting both ends of the melon.  I guess without the old watermelon cutting knife that seem to work just fine, step one would not be possible.  This may also require a cutting board and lots of paper towels.  The flatter the end cut, we have learned the better it works.   Step 2: Place it on its circular juice catching tray, which oddly has a whole in the center so that the maximum amount of sticky juice squirts through it, onto your counter top. Step 3: Press the blades on top of the cut melon and push with as much force as you can humanly muster.  This may not be enough.  I can assure you this is...

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Convert a Bland Wall Into a Stunning Design Feature

Convert a Bland Wall Into a Stunning Design Feature

Sep 30, 2015

Just because a new home comes with fresh white walls doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. A statement wall can pull a design together, add personality, and make furniture and accessories pop. Creating an eye-catching feature can be simple, starting with a wall to highlight. Whether you choose to make a statement with a bold, bright wall color or an exotic, textured wallpaper, the key is to balance it with other design elements in the room. Choose a Focal Point — Decide what aspect of the room you would like to draw attention to. Fireplaces, large furniture pieces and artwork are popular focal points. If your room doesn’t lend itself to having a statement wall, highlight existing features like a small office nook or an inset wall. Pick a Bold Color or Pattern — Choose a bright color, interesting texture or striking pattern for your statement wall. Pick up a color from the furniture or textiles already in the room or go with a contrasting color to stand out more. Place Furniture for Maximum Impact — Arrange pieces of furniture to draw attention to your statement wall. For example, two light-colored occasional chairs on opposite sides of a darkly painted wall attract the eye and create a focal point, particularly when they’re coupled with pops of color in pillows, lamps and art. Add Accents — Finish off a room’s design by carefully placing accessories that highlight your statement wall. This is the perfect opportunity to integrate your personality into your home. Show off your favorite artwork, family heirlooms or travel...

Tribble Reese Takes Over Burn Social Club to Redefine Atlanta Nightlife

Tribble Reese Takes Over Burn Social Club to Redefine Atlanta Nightlife

Sep 3, 2015

Burn Social Club is pleased to announce that celebrated personality Tribble Reese has come on board as managing partner. While Burn Social Club has been thriving since opening earlier this summer, Tribble saw the opportunity to take the venue a step further to revolutionize the Atlanta nightlife scene. Keeping with the fiery ambiance, Burn will continue to set the stage for live music and renowned DJs with the latest LED lighting and state of the art sound for crowds to dance the night away on the massive dance floor or relax in plush VIPS seating lounge. Burn will also continue to feature its light fare menu along with master bartender Thomas McGuire’s world class craft cocktail program. Targeting a younger, hipper vibe, Tribble will attract Buckhead’s hot, sexy and cool elite to Burn by featuring illustrious relaunch parties beginning Friday, Sept. 11th at 8pm and running every weekend in September. “When I was approached about coming on board to Burn, I was very intrigued as I had a radical vision of how I could transform this concept into something Atlanta has never seen before,” said Burn managing partner Tribble Reese. “Burn has all of the appeal of the lights and music of a club but you don’t necessarily need to be VIP to experience the party we are going to throw.” Tribble Reese is a well-rounded jack-of-all trades, up and comer in the entertainment industry. Making a name for himself on CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama and Bravo’s New Atlanta, Tribble Reese is a model, actor and born entertainer. An avid traveler and former football star, he has been named as Jezebel Magazine’s Most Beautiful and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelor as well as plenty of red carpet appearances and most recently seen in Bravo’s Clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live. Born in Atlanta, raised in Alabama, schooled in South Carolina, and now making a name for himself where it all began, Tribble Reese is thriving under the bright lights as he takes Atlanta and the world by storm. Burn Social Club is located in the heart of Buckhead at Andrews Entertainment District, a world class destination with exceptional dining, entertainment, and nightlife. With diverse and distinct venues conveniently...

Elephants in the Room- Branco

Elephants in the Room- Branco

Sep 1, 2015

  From our Friend Antonio F Branco!  Check out more of his political hilarity on Comically Incorrect....