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About BS

Bold and Spicy News is a Cooperative of media, blogs, and articles.

Contributors are not edited for content or bias.  All articles are considered OP-ED.

1. If you would like to share or become a staff writer or syndicate your contributions with us, we would love to have you.  Feel free to offer comments, articles or requests to .

2. We will also list your ‘tasteful’ blog upon request.

We want the community to build this site one contribution at a time.

Enjoy, and Thank You for stopping by.

-Team Bold Spicy

Open Letter:

Dear Visitor,

as you know,  guest blogging is critical when trying to expand your followers and readership.

We have just launched this new project .  This is a blog/media co-op.  An op-ed, intelligent discussion, non-partisan, pro-business publication.

1. We would love to add you in our ‘cool blog’ collage.  We would need a square head-shot/or logo to use as your back-link icon.

2. We would also love for you to be a contributor and follower.  We have many tools available for following in the ‘Feedburner’.   Any piece, old or new can be sent to .

We never edit for content and any grammatical changes are sent back for your review and are subject to only, your approval.

Thank You for Visiting and come back often,

-Team Bold Spicy



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