Big Daddy Love Emerges from the North Carolina Mountains with Their Appalachian Rock

With Justin’s amazing vocals and songwriting skills, Ashley’s bass playing and his energy that reminds me of my pal Ted Norton of The Grapes on stage, Brian’s strong banjo skills, John’s powerful drumming, and Joseph’s smooth guitar playing Big Daddy Love are a force.

Georgia Music Awards

Georgia Music Awards Gear Up for the Red Carpet

Christi Goldman Chambers and O Entertainment Incorporated along with the sponsors so far Bold Spicy News, Georgia Commerce Club, IndieHitMaker, Country Music Gone Wild, Country Fried Rock, DuplicatesInk (Conway, SC), and C&C Entertainment Group, as well as presenters such as Bob Burns of Lynyrd Skynyrd, myself and many other Georgia stars will be rolling out the red carpet and honoring our music heroes and up and comers on June 18th in Atlanta, Georgia. This is geared up to be a star studded event of the year!

Nic Cowan

Live Interview with Nic Cowan backstage at Center Stage Atlanta before he Opens for Sister Hazel

I finished my interview with Jett Beres of Sister Hazel and said our goodbyes until later and headed over to my friend Nic Cowan’s dressing room, where I caught the boys mid-lunch. Nic being the nice guy he is headed out and grabbed us some coffee and we settled in for a more relaxed interview, meaning myself not being so nervous.

Interview With Jett Beres of Sister Hazel Backstage at Center Stage Atlanta

I was supposed to interview with my friend Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel, but he was running behind, so as we walked in Scott introduced us to a very sweet, smiling and welcoming Jett. Jett was a wonderful interview subject who probably helped me along on my first live interview. Here is my interview with him, my first on video. You can tell I was a bit nervous.

Review of the Paul Warner Band Live at Smith’s Olde Bar

Sometimes you come upon an artist that just has that certain “thing”, something different from all of the others. They are an artist who’s music you can’t label, or set in a genre when people ask, and they are just kind of special. Paul Warner is one of those artists. His music styling is one of a kind, with perfect placement of harmonies and a haunting voice you can’t erase from your mind.