Old Tucker Fountain Brings back the Hometown Feel Right in Atlanta

Remember the days of your youth stopping with your parents at the local soda fountain and grabbing a ice cream float or homemade sundae as your mom or dad sat and talked with the locals about everything? Well I have to tell you, right down the street from my house is an actual standing soda fountain called Old Tucker Fountain, and just that happens. Not only that, but they have a killer menu of food, and amazing musicians. I have sat here today and talked with my pals that own the spot as I work, and every second another artists strolls in to eat, chat, and jump on stage and just play because they love it.

Georgia Music Awards

Georgia Music Awards Gear Up for the Red Carpet

Christi Goldman Chambers and O Entertainment Incorporated along with the sponsors so far Bold Spicy News, Georgia Commerce Club, IndieHitMaker, Country Music Gone Wild, Country Fried Rock, DuplicatesInk (Conway, SC), and C&C Entertainment Group, as well as presenters such as Bob Burns of Lynyrd Skynyrd, myself and many other Georgia stars will be rolling out the red carpet and honoring our music heroes and up and comers on June 18th in Atlanta, Georgia. This is geared up to be a star studded event of the year!