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Reason 1: They Are Affordable

  • Let’s face it: weddings are expensive. According to The Knot’s 2018 Wedding Survey the national average cost of a wedding is $33,931. That’s enough for an extravagant vacation, or three (relatively speaking). But I get it. Most girls have already planned out their wedding before they even hit adulthood. It’s like a right of passage in the South. According to the Population Reference Bureau, the marriage rates in both regions (North & South) were higher in Southern states than it was Northern, with averages of 18.51 and 14.84, respectively. See what I mean? Weddings are some girls’ one day to feel like a real life Disney Princess (total Cinderella vibes). However, one thing they don’t have to be – expensive. Why spend a fortune in some areas when you don’t have to, like food? Food trucks are able to offer a lower price per person with menus ranging in the $10-$12/pp versus some catering companies that charge you a whopping $70 per plate for boring chicken and cold beef. You get the picture.

Reason 2: They Are FUN

  • Ever been to a wedding and the highlight becomes leaving the actual wedding to join your friends at the neighborhood bar for the so called “after-party?” And if you haven’t experienced one of these, you obviously haven’t been to enough weddings. Let’s face it, some weddings can be boring. After you sit through the sometimes hour-long ceremony (I die), you’re forced to mingle with people you don’t know and engage in small talk with Aunt Bettie’s twice removed cousin or god forbid that weird Uncle Bill (we all have one). And if they don’t provide alcohol…well then you might as well call it a night. Food trucks bring the fun. Their colorful, unique, and they make for the perfect photo-op. Depending on your friends and family, food trucks might seem a little unconventional, but that is what makes it even more of an attraction. It’s like seeing a unicorn for the first time to your relatives from the Midwest where food trucks have yet to make an appearance. Encourage your guests to get in the spirit of casual dining and immerse in something new and exciting. Food trucks are perfect for those quirky and fun candid shots that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Pro tip: When looking for a truck, build a rapport with the owner to see who will be servicing the wedding. 9/10 times trucks will have crews that are there to not only serve delicious food, but entertain your guests. The people on the truck are right front and center (there is no back of house) so if the staff are having fun then so will your guests! Good times all around.

Reason 3: Food is Made Fresh Onsite

  • THIS. You know those parties where the food has CLEARLY been sitting out under a heating lamp for WAY TOO LONG (it could be days.. months… who really knows) and you go in to take a bite and it’s like biting into a limp cold noodle? Gross, I know. The perks of having a food truck? The food is made fresh onsite, right then and there. It is literally like bringing a restaurant on wheels right to the venue just minus the actual four walls and the annoying “Parking For Employees Only” signs (city feel me). The food is prepped onsite merely moments before dinner service resulting in fresh, hot, and never that cold noodle taste. Why torture your guests with semi-warm chicken, when you can have it come straight off the grill? No competition if you ask me.