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MLB Playoffs

The last Post Season Survivor has been decided….
The SuperMan-Like ACE, Cliff Lee allowed one run in nine innings of work as the Texas Rangers beat the Tampa Bay Rays 5-1 on Tuesday to win their first-round playoff series and advance to the ALCS. Lee is 6-0 with an ERA below 2.00.

The Rangers have the New York Yankees this Friday in Arlington, Texas in their first attempt at the World Series for their franchise.

The Phillies face the Giants in San Francisco this Saturday in the NLCS’s best of seven, as well.

Schedule Below courtesy of NBC Sports:

League Championship Series
Phillies vs. Giants (NLCS)
Gm Result / Schedule Stats
1: Oct. 16 @PHI, 7:57 PM ET
2: Oct. 17 @PHI, 8:19 PM ET
3: Oct. 19 @SF, 4:19 PM ET
4: Oct. 20 @SF, 7:57 PM ET
5: Oct. 21 @SF, 7:57 PM ET
6: Oct. 23 @PHI, 3:57 PM ET
7: Oct. 24 @PHI, 7:57 PM ET
Rangers vs. Yankees (ALCS)
Gm Result / Schedule Stats
1: Oct. 15 @TEX, 8:07 PM ET
2: Oct. 16 @TEX, 4:07 PM ET
3: Oct. 18 @NYY, 8:07 PM ET
4: Oct. 19 @NYY, 8:07 PM ET
5: Oct. 20 @NYY, 4:07 PM ET
6: Oct. 22 @TEX, 8:07 PM ET
7: Oct. 23 @TEX, 8:07 PM ET

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